The In360Light™ offers a wide range of applications due to its ability to emit light over 360 degrees. Everything from the construction trades to basketball in the driveway, the In360Light™ offers a solution for most all the lighting problems encountered.

The lightweight and well built In360Light™ can be used on every construction site with no concerns of durability. It provides light bright enough to read newsprint over 25 yards from the light source. No more constant replacement issues due to breakage or cheap design. It can be placed on the ground, hung from its carrying straps, or placed on a tripod. It has the versatility no other light has.

Homeowners and do-it-yourselfers alike will find a variety of uses for the In360Light™: Night time parties and barbeques, watching the kids play in the backyard on summer nights, working on your car in the garage, or putting that extra room in the basement. This is the light that will serve all those needs and more!

Utility companies, EMS, police, and fire departments all need a good source of light that they can count on. Many states are already mandating the use of non glare lighting on road projects.

The applications and situations where In360Light™ can be used to save time and money are endless:

The better all-around light...In360Light™