Our History

In 1990, we began our own construction company primarily building single family homes and light commercial construction. As contractors, we knew high quality tools and gear were a must to survive the harsh construction environment.

Over time, we kept having problems finding a reliable lighting solution. Halogen lights not only had expensive bulbs that could shatter easily, but they were incredibly hot and dangerous. After years of throwing away numerous lights, we decided to search for other options. Not one light that we found satisfied all of our needs. Some were expensive, and had costly specialized bulbs, while others were just cheap throwaways. We were so unsatisfied with the work lights out there. They were cheaply made and the bulbs would break sometimes within hours of buying them. We had talked to contractors that would literally buy a new light for every job. The majority of work lights out there also produced harsh shadows creating problems with poor work environments. We wanted a light that would hold up like a high quality tool and not just light up a corner, but the whole room.

After retiring from the construction business we decided now was the time to finally develop that perfect work light: The Impact™.

This is our first and original heavy duty all-area work light. It has numerous applications where you need a ton of good usable light with minimal shadows. It's built for the jobsite and more. This is a light built for the professional contractor or tradesman. It can take abuse day after day and keep on working. We built this light by testing what works and what doesn't work in the everyday world of hard knocks.


Used by contractors, mechanics, homeowners, builders, and engineers all over the country.