Barn and Stable Portable Durable Lighting

Is your barn too dark? Whether you have a dairy barn or one for horses and other livestock, there is a need for quality lighting. Especially during the short, winter months, proper lighting is a barn feature that should never be ignored.

Bare incandescent bulbs can present several hazards for your livestock. Barns are very dusty places where you often find cobwebs and bits of hay. If these accumulate on a bare incandescent bulb it can create the risk of a fire and if the bulb accidentally bursts or shatters, your animals can be injured.

The perfect solution for your barn and equine lighting is the In360Light™.

Halogen lights not only have expensive bulbs that can shatter easily, but they are incredibly hot and dangerous. The internal cooling fan in the In360Light™keeps it at a safe temperature, thus protecting you and your animals from the danger of being burned.

Its durable and water-resistant casing, as well as the usage of shock-protected LED, make In360Light™ safe, strong, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. With a lifetime warranty, you will never have to worry about In360Light™ breaking down; simply replace the bulbs and you’re back in action!

You won’t need flashlights as the In360Light™ is lightweight, portable, and has enough lumens to light up the entire barn.

Made in the USA, the In360Light™ can improve your barn lighting and also improve your working conditions. Avoid barn accidents like slips and falls during barn chores as good lighting helps you see obstructions and slippery areas.