Car Mechanic Garage Portable and Durable Work Lights

Whether you work on your car to save money or as a hobby, chances are you need more light in your garage. When considering garage lighting, several questions come to mind including, how many lumens per square foot of garage do I need? And, how many light fixtures can I run on one circuit?

If you need more light in your garage, the In360Light™ is the solution.

A regular overhead light may add 100 watts of lighting to your workspace; that equals about 1600 lumens. The In360Light™ is 20,000 lumens! What a difference lumens make when working in small crevices and detailed work like under the hood of your car.

Inadequate lighting can hurt the quality of your work and lead to time-consuming or costly mistakes. Upgrade your garage lighting with the In360Light™.

If you are considering ceiling-mounted fluorescent light fixtures with either T5 or T8 bulbs, you know that these bulbs are very expensive and you will probably need to also purchase reflectors or diffusers. Hanging shop lights above your workbench works only in that one area. What about the rest of your dimly-lit garage?

You need to have better visibility in all areas of your garage which is why a portable light is your best option. Portable and lightweight, the In360Light™ can stand alone, on a tripod, or hang from a hook. Its convenient tripod and carrying straps makes the In360Light™ easy to transport to any location. And all you need is a standard electrical outlet to use it.

Keep all areas of your garage well-lit when working on your car. And if you drop any small parts or hardware on the floor, the 360 degrees of light output will enable you to find whatever you drop so you won’t need a trip to the hardware store for a replacement.

Keep your garage properly lit when working on your car day or night with the In360Light™.