Energy Efficient Portable and Durable Work Lights

It’s a fact that energy-efficient light bulbs save you money. Whether you need to light your home or your workplace, compared to traditional incandescent light bulbs, LEDs use less energy and last longer – which saves you money.

Homeowners and do-it-yourselfers will discover many uses for the In360Light™. Painting walls, ceilings, or trim can be very precise, patient work. The In360Light™ provides 360 degrees of light that casts no harsh shadows so you can work faster and more accurately.

Cleaning out or reorganizing your garage? Sometimes, the only light you have to work with is the one on the garage door opener – and that’s on a timer! Make your job easier by mounting the In360Light™ on its tripod or hang it from a hook. Think of how clean even the darkest corners of your garage will be when you can actually see them clearly, and you might even find that screwdriver you’ve been looking for.

If you’ve used a typical halogen light in the past, you’ve noticed that these bulbs have poor light output, an intense glare that needs to be directed, and can cast hash shadows that make it difficult to work in.

The In360Light™ is 20,000 lumens which provide over fourteen times that amount of light. When you consider the number of halogen bulbs you would have to buy in order to obtain the same lumen power, the price is astounding.

If you are painting the interior walls and trim of your home, or installing a new floor, you have a tough road ahead when using halogen bulbs as your light source. What a difference lumens make when navigating a dimly-lit job site, especially when doing precise work.

With a durable, water-resistant casing, the In360Light™ is lightweight and easy to tote around to many locations both in and outside your home. All you need is a standard electrical outlet to use it!

Homeowners across the country are saving money with the energy-efficient LEDs in the In360Light™!