Outdoor Police, EMS and Emergency Worker Lighting

With 20,000 lumens the Impact™ will give plenty of light to accident and fire scenes. Utility departments are at work 24 hours a day and a good work light is a necessity.

Police use high-lumen flashlights not only to illuminate a room but also as a safety precaution as the intense beams can cause temporary blindness in suspects. Ideal for searches and identifying potential threats at a relatively close distance, these flashlights give officers a distinct advantage in many low-light situations.

However, certain lights perform better in certain situations and if you use the wrong light the results could affect your safety. For example, a more intense light creates more intense shadows. These dark, shadowed areas are dangerous to police. In addition, reflective surfaces bounce the bright light off of a white wall or polished metal - right back into your eyes.

Promote Police Officer Safety with the In360Light™

A tactical flashlight is around 500 lumens while the In360Light™ is 20,000 lumens and it casts no dark shadows. What a difference this can make when navigating a large indoor or outdoor area.

Now, police officers can see deeper into the night and illuminate a room better. Whether evaluating a crash scene, looking for evidence at a crime scene or searching a building, the heavy-duty carrying strip provides easy transport. The In360Light™ is also lightweight and can stand alone, on a tripod, or hang from a hook.

Great for attics and crawlspaces, the In360Light™ penetrates the darkness, thus allowing officers to orient themselves. And don’t worry about heating up those small, cramped areas; the In360Light™ has an internal cooling fan so it maintains a safe temperature.

Made in the USA, your police unit will be proud to use the In360Light™. Our revolutionary light adds safety and convenience for the officers on duty.