Playing Basketball at Night Portable Lighting

Playing basketball is a fun and active way to enjoy the sunny outdoors, but what if you wanted to shoot hoops at night?

Most people would not have the proper lighting, if any at all, to create a safe and enjoyable nighttime basketball court. If only there was a practical invention out there to solve this problem.

Actually, there is a solution: In360Light™! This revolutionary light will change recreational outdoor games forever.

With In360Light™ you can light up an entire outdoor area with 360 degrees of light. This means NO more harsh shadows, NO more annoying glares, NO more relying on sub-par, street lighting, and NO more blaming missed shots on the dark. This light is so powerful, you can even read newsprint 25 yards away from the light source - INCREDIBLE!

Playing basketball at night has never been easier or more fun!

Its durable and water-resistant casing, as well as the usage of shock-proof light bulbs, make In360Light™ safe, strong, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. With a lifetime warranty, you will never have to worry about In360Light™ letting you down; simply replace the bulbs and you’re back in action!

With its convenient and lightweight tripod and carrying straps, In360Light™ is easily transported to any location. All you need is a standard electrical outlet.

So gather your friends for a nighttime game of backyard basketball, or meet your team at the neighborhood ball court. Whichever you choose, In360Light™ goes with you to make sure your basketball game continues through the night.