Pool and Spa Outdoor Night Lighting

We wait all year for spring so we can officially open our swimming pools or plan our beach vacations. Either way, we want to swim, splash and play in the water for as long as we can. But what happens when the sun starts to set? Do we abandon our wet, watery fun on account of the darkness?

Outdoor swimming fun shouldn’t stop when the sun goes down! Now you can stay in the pool or the ocean – even after dark - with the In360Light™. Kids, teens and adults alike can all safely enjoy the water a little longer with the right lighting.

Enjoy nighttime pool parties with friends and family, watch your kids swim in the backyard on warm summer nights, or go for an adventurous ocean dip under the stars. The In360Light™ is safe to use because it does not get hot, has a strong outer shell and uses shock-protected bulbs.

Set it on a tripod or hang it from a tree limb, the In360Light™ is lightweight and portable. Now you can host evening pool or beach parties without having your guests leave before they are ready.

The In360Light™ does not cast any harsh shadows like regular outside lights. So if your guests are having a great time and you don’t want the party to end, turn on your In360Light™ and keep the party going – even in the dark!

Made in the USA, you will be proud to own the In360Light™. Be the first on your block and spread the word, our revolutionary light adds hours to your swimming fun and enjoyment.