Portable and Durable Contractor Work Lights

Contractors need to use lights on jobsites so workers can see what they are doing; this contributes to a safe and productive worksite. When working in poorly-lit areas, whether framing a house, hanging drywall, painting walls and ceilings, or installing flooring, a good light source is imperative. Plus, some contracting jobs are on the fast-track to completion and require overtime that may go well into the evening hours, when no sunlight is available.

Contracting work requires proper lighting and the old lights just don’t’ cut it anymore. Typical halogen or fluorescent lights have poor light output and can cast hash shadows that make it difficult to work in dim or dark lighting. In addition, they also require a large amount of electrical energy, are vulnerable to vibration, and get extremely hot to the touch – even causing severe burns!

Contracting Site Safety is Number One with the In360Light™!

If you are a contractor, the best solution to properly lighting a jobsite is the In360Light™! The internal cooling fan keeps the In360Light™ at a safe temperature so no more threat of getting accidentally burned. And it has a floating shock system that protects the LEDs from impact and vibration.

A typical halogen light tower may use a pair of 750 Watt lights mounted on 8-ft. tripod; that’s about 1,380 lumens per bulb. The In360Light™ is 20,000 lumens! What a difference lumens make when navigating a dark or dimly-lit jobsite – especially when doing precise contracting work such as painting.

How about insulating an attic? Crawl through that ceiling access and put the light close by, it will most likely light up the rest of the attic just fine. No need to drag a light and the cord with you, you've already have enough to do.

Working on plumbing or running some electric lines? The Impact™ gives off a lot of light, again no need to drag it with you. Just leave it close to the entrance.

Cost effective and made in the USA, you will be proud to own the In360Light™. Keep your construction workers safe and add hours of visibility to your job sites.

Portable and lightweight, the In360Light™ can stand alone, on a tripod, or hang from a hook. Its convenient lightweight tripod and carrying straps makes the In360Light™ easy to transport to any location. And all you need is a standard electrical outlet to use it.

Keep contracting jobsites safely lit while working at night or in a dark indoor area with the In360Light™.