Residential & Commercial Painters and Painting Durable Work Lights

Painters love our light. The bulbs give off the right color temperature, 5000K. That's called "daylight". It also doesn't cast the harsh shadows, so you can leave it in one place most of the job. It's not going to get too hot to touch either.

If you are painting a home, whether you are the homeowner or you were hired as a contractor, you need the proper lighting. Painting interior walls takes skill and a steady hand, but it is more difficult when the lighting is poor.

Your may have typical halogen lights, but they have poor light output and can cast hash shadows that make it difficult to work in dim or dark lighting. If you are painting the interior walls and trim of a new home you have a tough road ahead when using halogen bulbs as your light source.

Halogen lights also require a large amount of electrical energy, are vulnerable to vibrations and external temperatures, and get extremely hot to the touch – even causing severe burns!

A typical halogen light tower may use a pair of 750 Watt lights mounted on 8-ft. tripod; that’s about 1,380 lumens per bulb. The In360Light™ is 20,000 lumens! What a difference lumens make when navigating a dark or dimly-lit job site – especially when doing precise work such as painting.

The best solution to lighting your next painting job is the In360Light™!

Portable and lightweight, the In360Light™ can stand alone, on a tripod, or hang from a hook. Its convenient lightweight tripod and carrying straps makes the In360Light™ easy to transport to any location. And all you need is a standard electrical outlet to use it.

The shock-protected light bulbs make In360Light™ safe, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. And with a lifetime warranty, you will never have to worry about In360Light™ breaking down; simply replace the bulbs and you’re back in action!

Made in the USA, you will be proud to own the In360Light™. Make sure that you can see the interior walls of the next home you paint.