Dale F.    Building Contractor 
          "Great lighting concept!  It's about time something else is out there that doesn't get hot and is not so glaring that you can't look at it.  I was not expecting how large an area it would light up. We are working inside large aircraft and this light really does the job!"

Bob R.   Aerospace Engineer
          "Our firm uses over 50 of these 20,000 lumen work lights.  We love the fact we don't have to move it around very often even when we work in some huge buildings.  Even with a tripod, this light is easy to move from site to site.  You just fold the tripod and carry it on your shoulder."

Frank L.     Electrical Contractor
          "Once you see how this light is built and what it does, it's the only way to go.  You can tell it was designed by someone that understands what is needed in a good work light."

George M.    Homeowner
           "This light solves all the problems most of the other work lights have.   Believe me, almost all lights are disappointing when it comes to light output.   Not this one, it's incredibly bright but doesn't have the glare others do."

Russell P.     Homeowner

          " I've got two of your smaller 360 degree lights and I love them!  We use one around the house and one at the lake.  They are rugged and can really take abuse.  I accidentally knocked one off a ladder onto my concrete garage floor and it still works great after over a year." 


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